Whether he’s singing, playing drums, guitar, bass, keys, producing or engineering, Sasha is smashing the boundaries that pop music so rarely crosses. He’s developed a unique style that shines through in his own music and all of his work with varied artists/producers, including Poo Bear, Justin Bieber, R-Kelly, Drake, YelaWolf, and more…

Sirota recorded the Grammy nominated platinum single The Motto from Drake’s recent Grammy winning Album of the Year featuring Lil Wayne. Most recently he co-produced the Justin Bieber / R. Kelly collaboration PYD and performed on several of Bieber’s recent releases, including the stylized guitar behind Bieber’s hits Bad Day, Alone and Recovery. His songwriting and production skills have been showcased in the annual Las Vegas Music Summit.

With his debut release, The Strength in Numbers EP, Sasha Sirota is being recognized as a dynamic recording artist on the rise.


Though neither of his parents were musically inclined, they were both avid music fans, taking Sasha and his brother to concerts as soon as they were ready for trips outside of the home. His first concert? The Grateful Dead when he was just 3 months old.

Is that what led to him to choose a life of music at such an early age?

“Without a doubt my parents had and have a massive affect on my love for music. But if it wasn’t from them, then I must’ve picked it up in a past life.”

Sirota was born inside his parents’ adobe home down the road from the Rio Grande river in Albuquerque, New Mexico – a breeding ground for underground rock/metal music. Teaching himself to play guitar at age 6 and drums at 7 he and his brother, Khlari, formed a band that played for 13 years together. Sasha played the drums and Khlari the guitar. Together they helped shape the music community of Albuquerque, playing and organizing shows every week, all while pioneering a unique sound all their own.

Always broadening his musical repertoire, Sasha found himself studying more than conventional instrumentalism. At 14 he studied Tabla percussion under Aloke Dutta, an esteemed instructor of East Indian music and culture. When he was 15 he was the only high school student allowed to enroll in the advanced Flamenco Guitar class at the University of New Mexico. Sasha had a knack for picking up just about anything, from a classical guitar to a soda can, and transforming it’s sound into intriguing music.

Recording was a natural next step. At 16, on his brother’s newly purchased home studio set up, Sasha began to teach himself how to engineer. Unbeknownst to him, he was developing the skills that would one day help him to write and produce his own music, as well as for many others.

It was clear that Sirota’s future would be music. Without a moment of hesitation Sasha left High School at the age of 17, got his GED and moved to Los Angeles to attend the renowned Musicians Institute where he majored in Percussion. A year and a half later he was teaching the Metal Live-Performance-Workshop class at MI. His Brother Khlari, having been with him every step of the way, attended MI’s recording program and passed on what he was learning to Sasha. After which his brother worked with LiveNation providing mixes that Sirota assisted on for artists such as, NeYo, Ziggy Marley, Daughtry, SilverChair and more.

The Music Scene

From ages 20 to 23 Sasha performed around LA at historic venues including The Viper Room, The Whiskey a Go Go and The Key Club, jumping from style to style like a schizophrenic jukebox. In his own words he was a little lost as to which musical direction suited and pleased him most. He professes, “I feel like it really took a few years for me to focus and discover who I was as an artist. I found myself just making what I thought people wanted to hear, not what I really wanted to play”.

Seeking a break from the rat race of Los Angeles, and in search of new inspiration for his music, in September of 2010 Sasha relocated to Las Vegas. It was there that fate brought him to team up with his current writing partners Jimmy Giannos of The Audibles and Grammy Award winner Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd. The result of this collaboration has been the sound he had been searching for all along, that not only encompasses all that he had been through, but foreshadowed all that was to come.

The sound that the three of them have developed exudes influences from every genre, drawing you in with a sense of familiarity, yet it remains so unique and new that it’s the breath of fresh air for which the music industry has been gasping. With hints of the classics like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, to newer pop fusion like Bruno Mars and Maroon 5, Sirota is bringing something to the table that is not only severely missing, but is soon to be the next sound that dominates the airwaves and spawns countless imitators. But try as they might to recreate the magic, there is only one SASHA SIROTA.